Author's restaurant

A stylish space filled with an atmosphere of art and beauty! The point at which everything converges: the joy of meeting, the warm company, the gastronomic pleasure, the ease of communication and … all your friends and relatives.

Come to us with or without dinner, have lunch with your family and sit with friends,
for a romantic dinner with a girl or for a meeting with business partners!

Yes, just, drop by for a cup of coffee with dessert
and you will fall in love with the ДОМ on your first date!

Delicate charcoal josper dishes only in the ДОМ

The highlight and the main feature of cooking in our restaurant is the special way “home josper”. Our chefs will prepare meat and fish for you according to the “home josper” method, which allows the meat to remain tender and juicy, soaked in smoke and covered with a crispy crust!

Banquet at the ДОМ restaurant will be an unforgettable event for you

the ДОМ has exceptional facilities for holding private and corporate events, regardless of scale. Two levels of the hall can accommodate up to 250 people, which, together with numerous seating options, allows you to choose the perfect solution for any holiday from a crowded wedding or anniversary to corporate parties or conferences of large companies.

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